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Struggling in a marriage, especially when children are involved, can feel overwhelming. You’ve got worries, questions about how to talk about it, concerns about what your family and friends will think. And, of course, making sure the best interests of your children are kept in mind.

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The idea of going for couples counselling is daunting because of the cost and the exposure, but you realize the cost of counselling is much less than the cost of divorce. You think your partner will not be willing to go, so it seems unrealistic or hopeless. However, you suspect that you could make some changes that will help and that you might learn how to get your spouse to join you. If you are like most people, you want to fix your marriage and you cannot continue the way things are, so you know it is time to call Family TLC.

Family TLC professionals have years of experience and training. They can help to make the emotional roller coaster stop, and help make your marriage successful again. With the support from Family TLC, you and your children move through these stages and move on with your life in a positive and healthy way.

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We’re Moving!

As of December 1st, in person appointments will be completed at our temporary location at 54 Cedar Pointe Dr. #1207 at Office Inc in Barrie.

On January 4th we will be in our permanent home located at 160 Bradford Street in Barrie.

Please reach out to your therapist if you have any questions or are wanting to switch to virtual for the time being.